This is not a find-a-wingman post. I've been winging on campus with a new guy - was AFC a few weeks ago but is gaining speed to PUAsville like a champ! He's building massive social proof through the school and is soaking in the techniques like a sponge / crafting and refining his frames and DHV stories.

We seem to have gotten into a pretty consistent wing-technique, and here are a few details that can prevent wings from being obstacles for each other, amoging each other or DLVing each other.

Know Thy Wing (preventing wing DLV)

This one goes without saying, but I'll say it. You need to know at least a few of his DHV routines and fallback material, know his strengths and his weaknesses so that IF he blanks in-set, you can stack away from his sticking points and transition back to his strengths. Trust him to do the same for you.

AMOG as the Beta (preventing wing-MOGing)

Stay with me on this one fellas. The concept is "lead from behind." Between any two wings, there is always one who tends to AMOG the other - USE THIS TO YOUR ADVANTAGE!!! The AMOG should lean back and be Beta to the wing - let him take the lead, let him dominate, let him be the Alpha - and then when an awkward silence is about to fall, swoop in AMOG style and DHV the two of you to your entire set. Once the wing gets his footing again, the AMOG steps back to Beta. Not only will this DHV you both, but it will let each guy take a little break while the other one dominates - great way to keep the wheels turning, re-assessing, re-calibrating, reading body language.

Have a subtle and secret Communication (preventing wing-stacles)

A frequent problem between wings is that once the set has adapted beyond the foresight of your plan, both of you are not necessarily on the same page as to how to continue. One is thinking "Go isolate your chick" while the other is thinking "Show them a magic trick for a few mins - I have to pee!" For big game-changing plays like that, and to help each other keep track of the set you need to communicate, and sometimes stepping away from the set, or even pulling out your phone to text each other, is not a practical option. Here's of the secret languages of wings.

Autismus & Stintson - we pretend to speak Serbian, it's actually utter gibberish with 3 definite gibberish words to create the illusion of structure when we communicate in front of the girls. Yes = Desh, No = Ni, Therfore = Treshkav

Autismus & Jaque - for some reason we can read each others faces like telepathy - we plan and direct in front of the girls and they only think we're laughinh at them.

Autismus & Hayabusa - speaks fluent Chinese, and I've memorized Chinese equivalents of PickUp terms so we can communicate in front of the girls.

Theorhetical (Inspired by Style) - agree on a few basic hand-gestures (touch or brow, scratch of ear, swivel of head, etc) or rare words (Jerronimo, Mass-transit, anchorage, etc) that will stand in for words like - "isolate" or "occupy the obstacle" or "stay here a sec" or "change the subject!" etc.

Of course the girls will be suspicious, but if you can run basic game on a girl, then you can definitely play off fake Serbian or broken-Chinese as "Just this thing... it's kinda wierd but, you remind me of *quirky/cocky/funny DHV story*"

The Point

The point is, hominids are pack-hunters. Sarging solo makes you feel like a bad@$$, but sarging smoothly with a compotent wing make you feel like wedding crashers. These are the factors I've noticed and patterns that have worked for me. I'd be interested to hear what anyone else thinks about these / if anyone has had any similar experiences.