Hi guys,

I'm actually visiting London for a few days and I need a wingman/wingmen.

I can say I'm intermediate when it come to pickup and I just need to practice my skills here especially in daygame.

My friends here aren't really into the game and I'm slowly started to get back into AFC mode which is dangerous and for some reason, I get a bad case of aa when I go sarging alone. I'm not yet at the level to go alone, it feels kind of weird. (Maybe because there's no one to keep me motivated...)

So i'm looking for a few guys to do daygame with in Stratford(or somewhere near preferably, but i'm not picky, I can travel.)

Plus I want to check out the Westfield mall and the streets.
Looks like there's a lot of talent there.

Cheers mates,

P.S. I'll be leaving on Thursday 10th,