Looking for wings in these greater areas. Need a place to crash and I don't have a car in commuting would need to tag along for a ride or meetup and then do some sight seeing. Just moved to the area. Will be using, can you take my picture and I met *you the person to come in about 45 seconds later and don't be a loser* at the airport when I got here, he is cool, he's with me.

Don't be a loser, in my opinion, some of the people like Style and Sinn are just losers. Mystery is pretty much a wierdo as well. But all in all I would like to find someone to pay my way for strip club time as well.

negs are kind of gassy, they don't ever have a purpose in the real world.

Need a club rat, a gym rat, and a bunch of men with hospitality, retail, administrative, restaurant jobs with availability like now. Get up with me please. Thanks!

I know a lot of this stuff, I just basically need to remember to read Magic Bullets, get out of the Mystery stuff, and find some cool (again) people to just hang out with, play PS3 online or Xbox360. Drink, smoke, party, work hard, play for a marriage...

Long term new buddies with facebook replying responses and followup-ing only need apply.