-i can't think about anything else but GIRLS*GIRLS*GIRLS*.. i experienced my 1st ever WING last week. WINGS r thy best. i seen him kiss, i'm like f*ck this i gotta kiss...i seen him talking to a set i had to open a set while in convo..i was pushed beyond my limits to a place i don't know where it was, but it made us MACHINES all nites (Fri-SUN).

Don't know where im going w/this but I'm more Powerful by my Wing and for two days i was at work+other places etc. but i was GLOWING..i thought i was soooo F*ckin Cool, (i didnt concentrate on shhii, cause i couldn't) when i walked, talked ..i thought every GIRL wanted me no matter where i was at..i didn't have to say sshhii if i was in presence they felt me & whats crazy they did--me&a Chic would make eye contact at a store i would prance rt on over (well like MANOL0 in SCARFACE hhhaaaa when he gets slapped at beach) I D0N'T KNOW WHAT THIS FEELING IS BUT I GOTTA FIND WAY TO TRAP IT CAUSE I NEED IT 24/8..


LANA DEL REY: "you can be the B0ss" (repeat)