Greetings, I am forming a group for guys interested in improving their pickup. This group will only be about pickup. This group will be run with the efforts of each member. Unlike other groups where you are just focusing improving yourself, in this group you will be required to also focus on making sure your fellow group member is also improving themselves. There is a no one left standing policy for anyone who joins this group as long as they followed the agreed upon requirements and rules.

Requirements for Group members

must cold approach 10 different women a week and talk them for at least 1 min.
must write 2 full reports (in the practice pickup format) on 2 of the approaches
must record the rest of the approaches in the practice pickup abbreviated format

must got out with an least one member each week
must make them approach at least once and observe their approach
must write a full observation report (in the practice pickup format ) about their approach
must monitor the weekly progress of another member and report it to the team leader.


To submit to board are: 2 full reports, 1 full observation report, 8 abbreviated reports.

Complete an approach manual with another person in the group

2 month commitment

if you are on vacation, you have to tape record your approaches and upload them for someone to review.

Goal is for you to develop a system for you to get a girl through a cold approach and help everyone else do to the same.

This group will be closed to only members participating in this group. Will mostly likely use Google groups, Asana, or similar free site for this group rather than this form, (because of the phone app accessibility these sites also offer).

As for other minutia such as: how to view your reports, what to say in certain situations, etc... that will be decide after the interviews for a group perspective. However, this is not a school rather, the main focus of this group is just doing it and recording it. So you will have a lot of freedom in these areas to do what you want.

How you treat other members, will be regulated. For example.

For trouble shooting like Approach Anxiety, we will you a team base approach to it, ( as well as any other issues that arise)