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    NYState0fm1ndd Guest

    Default Free NYC PUA Group

    Okay so this is my vision, we start off with this Saturday with all the NYC posters that are interested in improving their game. We can start off with no specific plans just going to a lounge and having fun, but eventually work on different specifics like day game, solo vs wing game, Hired Guns, etc. As of right now, we should try a new spot every Saturday until we find a spot we can declare the meet up location. Also, since being a social artist is about the people and not about wealth, we should make sure that wherever we go, the activities don't cost more than 20-30$ per person (so like no VIP section in club lol). And if we get a lot of responses, I think we should have Saturday be lengthier and add Friday nights too. My game is exponentially improving by the day, and I know for a fact that any body at any level will enjoy spending some time with people who want to master the vensualian arts. So if you are down to have some fun, learn/teach a little, and get many beautiful women in the process post or PM me if your interested.

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    Christian Guest


    Hey dude, love your forum handle... I take it its a Nas reference?

    I've just started a group organized around finding wingmen and getting instruction in NYC...

    NYC Social Men (New York, NY) -

    Perhaps we can connect and figure out how to make the most of this group!


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