i live in Hollywood so if you live around thats a plus. Ive been in the game for around 6 months but mostly using " natural " systems but they havent given me the results Ive wanted. So I got into the Mystery Method around a month ago and Ive been fully studying it and I can tell this is much different. This is the real deal, tons of PRACTICAL STRATEGIES, step by step.

I want a wingmen to practice the Mystery Method with, I got the Revelation book, dvds, cds. Im almost done with the material so Im going to be sarging very soon (probably starting next week) and I want criticism and I will do the same for my wing. I need somebody willing to really put the time an effort into changing our lives, willing to chat about routines, our strategies, our game, being fully dedicated and genuinely helping each other grow and be the best men we can be.

PM if youre interested.