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    Default Australia Melbourne Looking for a Wingmam

    I'm 62 .. been married a couple of times and had numerous dysfunctional relationships.

    I've now learnt about PUA, studied the material, know what I've been doing wrong and now i'm looking for a wingman.

    There is a huge revival in 50's Rock and Roll in Melbourne, I LOVE IT and I'm reasonable good at it. These venues attract women from their 30's up, and so these dances are my favourite haunt, however I'll try any venue, any where, any time, day or night.

    If you have a large age difference to me don't let it stop you, as we may be able to leverage it in some-way i.e. think laterally.

    Even though in a lot of ways I'm a novice at PUA , I have done a lot of Personal Development and there is bound to be stuff I can help you with. I'm good with openers, I don't use canned material, I always use situational stuff that comes to me in the moment, so there is at least something I can teach you if you don't already have it mastered.

    PM me
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