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    Default Toronto Pickup Coaching Wingman $20 for 1 hour trial

    hey guys,

    We branch into areas of personal development that are quite mindblowing and can be extended to areas beyond pickup. They can include the way you see your entire world. For example, consider the concept of "I AM THAT" ... everytime you see someone imagine you ARE them, you see a nerdy guy with glasses and just be him and is he smiling? Or you are a gorgeous girl ... etc

    Another concept is a Pickup Point System. For each worthy girl you see, you get +1 point if you do the approach, or -1 if you don't approach. What's more is you can even use this system while on the Subway, on a Crowded Bus. Coach MR. EJ had scores of 30+ on days while he was single! STRATED seeing gorgeous girls everyday and being POWERLESS. A guy who can barely speak English has been chances then you with the way you just let GORGEOUS GIRLS get past you WITHOUT hitting on them.

    [t system.[/b]
    For every worthy girl he saw, if he didn't approach her , he gave himself -1 point, if he did the approach he gave himself +1 point. Waiting for a party one day, he was at -5 , but did 8 approaches to get to +3 . Guess what...if you can do that for 1 YEAR you will know you've done your best and even if you are still single(which you probably won't be) you will have tried your best and given it your all. Rejection is still better than the average guys who just sit back and relax or make excuses and let the girl get away!

    cave YEARS of your LIFE! To learn to MASTER the art of APPROACHING WOMEN ANYWHERE. Learn from a man whose approached women on the subway, on buses, in front of others, who is known as Ballsy!

    Call NOW 24/7 feel free to leave a message and we WILL get back to you! Leave your name and #

    Just like having a[u] k you and I both know it forces you to take responsibility of your destiny, or at least working towards achieving your GOAL, it is the most effective way to force yourself to go out and stop making excuses or taking other hobbies that cause you to stall on your goals

    Going out regularly with like minded people or those more skilled or experienced than you is the best way to be successful. If you can't find wings, you can definitely pay for a session and meet some wingmen, and if you like the coaching style, you can sign up.

    There is a weekly bootcam

    Some people dismiss pickup coaching as thinking it's merely a coach going and pointing, but it's beyond that. Even guys with very little Approach Anxiety can benefit from our coaching and feedback.

    Below is some fust saying or thinking of 1 word or phrase! So simple and powerful.... but you'll only find out the true secrets if you check out the bootcamps!

    You can learn about the 2 styles of living life, in o things you've never done before. And knowing that you can handle challenge after challenge, you realize you can handle anything and everything.

    Instead of all the "manipulating women to sleep with you" , "negging" "false disqualifers" we teach you how to drop all the games and "be yourself" be "natural" and yet NOT RUN OUT OF THINGS TO SAY.
    You need to DO WHAT YOU LOVE, and LOVE WHAT YOU DO. This way, instead of asking the coach, what should you say to a girl to not run out of things to beyond pickup and into the personal development category that can give you the confidence for both MOTIVATION, Business Success , and more!!


    Hi there,

    I am MR. EJ, Founder a=

    Those are some of our key taglines, but we definitely teach concepts that extend beyond Pickup. Confidence to approach people in the streets, optimism and more! These get well into the personal development sector, as I'm sure some of my students have realized.

    Desire is a really fun thing. It is interesting how the more excited you can make yourself, the effortless activities become, and the MORE you can ach

    Specifically tomorrow, we will cover a very basic(3-5 minutes), yet powerful concept that extends and overpowers AFFIRMATIONS to motivate yourself. It is a concept which "Rules of the Game" by Neil Strauss covers,

    [bif I run out of things to say when talking to this girl"
    Charge yourself up with a single "word" or "phrase"
    The more fun and playful the word, the more powerful it will be!

    I encourage you all

    This is a concept I recommend you experiment with. When was the last time you were in the zone, you were fearless, relentless? What was your posture like? What location were you in? What were you thinking about? What were you wearing? Replicate as many of these factors as possible!

    Listen to a motivational song of yours or a YouTube video!Get Pumped!

    "Don't aim for a mere penthouse (or Playboy model) aim for the moon(or hottest girl on the planet)"
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    Default Re: Toronto Pickup Coaching Wingman $20 for 1 hour trial

    Hey there, I live in north York, day game all week and bar club on the weekend been in the game for 6 years PUG and need to teach this stuff as a business, let's talk over drinks and see if we could put up a team, pm me
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