Here is where I am at: just got out of a long term relationship, looking to get back at it. Going to tell you a little bit about myself to see if we would be a good team...
- 31yo, I look/act a little younger. Ideally going for women in the 24-30 range (with the occasional 40 year old thrown in for good measure)
- Beginner PUA, up to this point have just been jumping on girls on the dance floor. Need to progress beyond that. Been reading up on it, taking notes
- I'm a doctor in residency, so pretty busy. Really only able to go out 2-3 weekends a month.
- I also DJ and have a sick place so the after-party is part of my schtick

Reply if you're looking for a sidekick to jump into the post-college scene. I'll be Wade, you be Lebron. Let's get better at this game, be a team, make assists, score big, score often.

- Teddy