What's up fellas. Looking for a couple of solid wingmen to come out in Chicago. Been living here for about a year now and with my current girlfriend moving to Minneapolis (now my part-time girlfriend) i'm looking to get back into the game. I started with this whole thing back in college when i was about 19-20 years old but haven't been as committed for the last couple of years due to a more serious relationship. but if there's one thing i know about sarging it's that it's like riding a bike. You never forget how to do this sh1t. And Chicago is such a bad ass city with so many amazingly hot women i can't let this go to waste any longer. I have a lot of experience when it comes to gaming and have hooked up with just about any type of woman you would like, prolby 35-45 in my lifetime, and hot ones at that i don't sell myself short and start going for fatties at the end of the night. Black, white, Asian, Hispanic, Indian doesn't matter i love them all. I'm willing to work with anyone whether you're experienced or just starting in the game. My only requirement is that whoever i'm winging with be fearless and always trying to get better. No pussy sh1t like getting down on yourself or not having the balls to approach when it comes down to it. anyone who's seriously interested in meeting up and winging shoot me an email and let's get this sh1t started. Just a little bit about me:

25 years old
5'11" 170lbs
in the game about 6+ yrs
prefers exotic women to typical blonde haired blue eyes white chicks
usually prefer to go out somewhere like river north or old town. higher quality of women than the drunk whores in wrigleyville, although a drunk wrigleyville whore can definitely serve her purpose from time to time lol.

Anyone who's serious about getting some work done hit me up.