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    Thumbs up Looking for a Sydney CBD Wingman

    Hi guys,
    Have been officially divorced for 1 month now following a 14 year marriage. The separation lasted just over 15 months and I've been actively getting back into the dating game by regularly going out on Friday & Saturday nights.

    Unfortunately, most (if not all) of my current circle of friends are either married or involved and can't or don't want to go out looking for girls. I can understand that...but while I am very comfortable hitting the nightspots on my own (which I have been doing), sometimes it would be nice
    to have a regular 'wingman' to have fun with and exchange ideas.

    While I'm very keen, I must admit to finding it a tad difficult re-igniting that "take no prisoners" attitude I had when I was much, much younger. Sadly, it gradually faded over 14 years of marriage and a 10-year relationship prior to that - lol. However, the time has come to bring it back.

    Luckily, I have no trouble meeting people (guys, girls, staff members, managers, owners, etc) in the places I frequent but I AM having difficulty taking things to the next level with the girls I like. Must be being "too nice" - haha.

    I generally try to frequent the more classier venues (with only one or two exceptions) in and around the Sydney CBD because of the quality of the girls who go to these places - and some ARE amazing. They are generally hot, classy & beautiful (and mostly on the younger side, say 20-30). I
    really don't have too much trouble opening sets but building the attraction and moving to the next level is proving to be elusive. Definitely must be a bit rusty - lol.

    Even if a girl "opens" me, which has happened on quite a few occasions since I started going out again, I still don't seem to be able to move things along. I'm pretty sure it's because I'm not really trying very hard - and that's the problem.

    I'm really looking for someone I can regularly share these nights with, have some fun times with, and who can help me escalate things with these mostly gorgeous women. I always go out on Friday AND Saturday nights (usually till very late, like 4am or so - lol) and sometimes on Thursday and even
    Sundays - depending on what's happening - such as special events, fashion shows, launches, etc.

    Just so you know, I'm not young anymore (duh!). Actually I'm on the older side of my 50's but everyone takes me for early-to-mid 40's (which is actually quite flattering). Must be due to the low lighting in these places - haha. I find I tend to get on much better with the 25-40 age group than my own anyway. My friends all act so old - which is silly and a waste.

    I'm in pretty good shape, 6'1", 82kgs, have a full head of hair (whew), healthy, always dress with style, am very keen and I love women and everything about them. I've been told I'm good looking - by both my male and female friends - but they might be biased

    I love going to clubs and bars - usually in and around the cross and CBD (if I'm not going to some special event somewhere) and I go out every weekend without fail. Please feel free to introduce me to any venues you might know of - as I am always up for trying new places.

    Younger women are definitely a weakness of mine. In fact, they're one of my "listed" vices....the others being bourbon and staying out till very, very late.

    I have absolutely no issues operating with a younger wingman while someone older would also be good. I'm open to any options really and I'm pretty easy going.

    So, if you'd like to hang together on weekends, have a lot of fun, meet lots of 8's, 9's and even 10's and do some serious sarging, send me a reply...there's so many pretty women out there and so little time (especially for me - lol).

    PS: There are a few special events coming up between now and the end of the year so get in touch with me soon if you'd like to come along.

    Tonight (Aug 17) there's a White Winter Wonderland party I have to attend in the city and next week there's the Mercedes-Benz Fashion events with the always great after party, then a brazilian pool party, a classy, upmarket polo event in the city, halloween parties, etc, etc. Lots of fun and heaps of nice women..

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    Default Re: Looking for a Sydney CBD Wingman

    Hi mate

    If you like doing day game I am happy to be your wing man. PM me if you are interested

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