I'm looking for fellow pua's that want to be a wing around KC(westport, martini corner) or Chi(downtown) at various bars and clubs.
wingman wish list: COMPETENT; master of frame control; considered attractive; stylish; well spoken; witty; interesting; confident; a closer...

About me: I'm completely addicted to the cold approach pick up! The thrill of meeting an attractive female and closing her gives me the ultimate high. Do I play the catch and release game? Absolutely!! I AM A WOMANIZER... that strives to leave them better than I found them. I cannot stress this enough: WE ARE NOT OUT TO BREAK HEARTS!
Male model features and build; educated; fashionable; cocky funny; confident; charismatic... blah blah. A Men's health/GQ type that seeks the impervious point of perfection. While I prefer the classy 9's and 10's I have no shame in throwing it to a witty 5 if we've reached the dreaded closing time.
Sorority, hipster, girl next door, ethnic, intellects, barfly, whatever. I can game them all!
If you like what you've read shoot me a message!