Magic has worked with, studied with, and partied with the best. He is a bit of a cowboy, a wild card, his system is the anti system. He'll teach you how to be fearless, unscripted, raw. He helps men draw out their inner animal, that part of you that women are compulsively attracted to.

For two years, Magic was a sex counselor for women and studied the deep emotional and physical needs that fuel women's sexual desires. Through this work Magic developed an understanding of how most women crave to be seduced.

Magic has an extensive background working with the biggest names in the community. He ran coaching workshops with Brad P. Magic had the opportunity to hang out with world's biggest pick-up artists like Mystery, Savoy, Style, Brad P, bad boy, and Lance Mason, he saw them in action and picked their brains for years.

Magic used his personal knowledge and experience to put together a system to help men enhance their powers of attraction and develop behaviors that women find irresistible. He will share these breakthroughs on Saturday. In particular he will focus on how to escalate quickly and comfortably to sex. He is in New York for only a week before he goes back to L.A. Come out for a rare opportunity to enjoy a free lecture with one of the most original minds in the community.

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