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Thread: NJ- Morristown

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    redtwo Guest

    Default NJ- Morristown

    Any pua's/wingmen up this way? I am 36 yo and I don't hang out in the younger crowd bars.

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    Sky Guest

    Default Re: NJ- Morristown

    Hey Red2 - - i just signed up to forum and live in center city philly - -just turned 38 - - run a highly successful art and real estate business - and am re-entering game after a 4yr relationship to a brunette HB9 - but its just time to move on ..... to many Blond HB10's

    - most of my friends are married or AFC so they don't really get what we do. Looking forward to hearing from you - - I want to try new places - - my old method was doing lots of shots and all that (and picking up the tab) and am looking for newer healthy way to be a PUA and could use some help trying new techniques.

    Give me a shout, Sky

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    Alkaline Romance Guest

    Default Re: NJ- Morristown

    hey hows it going ... ive normally done things naturally but i found out about pick up artists .. veteran coming out of the army .. my friends are all AFC .. i really cant do it with them anymore

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    stevani Guest

    Default Re: NJ- Morristown

    hey I am in rockaway, NJ ,10 mins for Morristown (age 22)


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