Hey Gents,

Im new around here. Im not a PUA per se (Although Ive read the Game, Rules of the Game, Mystery Method, etc) and have dabbled in a few of the techniques. Mostly i've arrived at my number (65+) through experience, natural energy, decently good looks... but Im capable of a lot more (i once bed 6 women in 7 days). In any event the biggest hinderance I face now is not having enough wingmen who are likeminded, easy going and compatibly with my style of dress and the places i go. I like to dress well. Jackets, sports coats, vests, v-necks, jeans, etc. Always stylish and perhaps a bit rakish/dandy (that's me in my avatar). I like high end lounges and clubs but i dont mind going to happy hour bars and restaurants. I dont mind cover charges and $20 drinks but YOU WILL NEVER catch me buying a bottle or getting a table. Just wasteful.

Let me know if anyone is down to sarge! Im looking to learn and share techniques and strategies.