Hi all,

I'm a 30 year old student of the Game, looking for wingman (or wingmen). I attended a PUA workshop in Sydney in December 2012, and though I've got the 'theory' down, I've done very little 'practical' work. Most of my friends are settling down and/or don't have much interest in being a wingman.

I'm looking for someone who is keen to get out into the field and improve the practical side of his game - preferably someone with a bit more experience than me, however someone who is just starting out but is enthusiastic would be fine.

Some additional info: I have a fairly successful professional career and a part time music career, and am about to start post graduate study. I am quite popular with women whom I know through work, friends, social activities etc. however I do not have a lot of dating experience and am trying to overcome moderate Approach Anxiety.

Reply to this thread or PM me if this sounds good to you.