Hi guys,

I'm moving to Miami/Lauderdale at the beginning of April, and looking for a private room in a house of guys/girls.
I've always done communal living and it suits me best.

26 and Fit Gym / workout atmosphere a great bonus!

I'm not picky about who the people are since I feel that everyone here is into self/ business improvement to some degree. Taking the PUA pill is the first step for anyone who knows they can change their life.

I've just finished 2 years working in Europe, and have decided to settle in Florida.
I don't watch much TV because I am either working or looking to go out.
Looking for a nicer area close to the beach. I will be buying transport when I arrive though.

We are still two months away so this is just an initial line i'm dropping in the water to see if there are any Miami mansions available.