What's up fellow Zonies?

Jonthewildkatt here, and I want you!... to wing with, lol.

A little about myself. I'm 27. I have longish hair, and I'm about 5'5 with an athletic build.
I tend to dress "stylishly neutral". I would rather have my vibe be polarizing, then my clothes.

I do realize dressing like certain sub cultures can help with particular girls, however, since I want abundance I dress mostly "stylishly neutral." ( No logos on clothing)

I'm looking for compatible wings to wing with, to learn from and to push the limits of what's possible.

My game is very similar to a cross between Tyler from RSD, and Phil the Cobra Comander from an episode of Keys To The VIP. I highly suggest you Google the both of those so you can actually SEE what I mean.

Anyway, I'm an intermediate, very famillar with RSD,with a 30 day immersion period completed. So I would like to compare notes, with your experiences also.

Any one I wing with, must have a sense of humor, and must be able to pump each others state!

Also be able to take and dish out constructive criticism! Gotta pull these women into a strong, humorous, reality.

While I'm silly naturally the biggest thing I've learned going out is calibration.

I don't drink when I'm going out to meet people/be social, so I'm a bit of a purest.

BUT...I will have a drink/buy a drink to pull a girl if needed given the situation,(made that mistake before, lol.)

To Shenanigans!