Fellow men of the forums,

We have gathered here today to introduce to you a group that is starting up in the Toronto area and we are currently seeking to recruit new members. There are a limited number of positions available within this group, so if it interests you, do not wait to contact us.

Manprovement is a club dedicated to improving men and helping them self-actualize into becoming the strongest individuals they are capable of being. We provide a constructive environment for growth which gives advice to others members, offers a soundboard for questions, and simply a great social ecosystem for developing strong, deep connections with people who want more out of life than a 9 - 5 job, frail health, and a girl who no longer ignites your sexual prowess, which you need for that unstoppable force energy.

The main themes for the society will be as follows:

- Improving ability to resonate and attract intelligent and interesting women AND men into your life
- Increasing our financial intelligence
- Improving our physical and mental health
- Networking and identifying opportunities for growth
- Clarifying and pursuing our mission in life

If these themes interest you, you need to send an private message.

Describe in as much detail as you like who you are, why the group interests you, and what you are looking to get out of it.
We will be following up with invites to those who we feel carry an opportunity for mutual benefit.