Hey guys, my name is Mike and I'm new to this forum. I'm now looking for a wingman to help out with approaching lots of women and to provide feedback to. I'm based in Sydney and I only do DAYGAME.

I prefer to teach someone who is fairly new to approaching girls and may have at least some approach anxiety. I've been doing this on and off for the past two years and in that timespan I've been on many dates and made tonnes of mistakes that I've done my best to learn from.

The other week I opened a Filipino girl indirectly for a friend who had some Approach Anxiety (ironically a sales rep, but we can all suffer from some A.A. when we're not in a good state). He had a full blown conversation with her, effortlessly and he got her number!

Send me a reply here.

If I don't respond then I'm sorry. I'm only willing to coach a few guys pickup at a time.

I won't be charging any money at all for these meet ups, they are free.