Hey everyone,

I'm basically looking to rally together a few guys, who all interested in pick-up and increasing their Social Status in general.

I have an idea being that we could potentially create a small society of guys; who all have something to offer to the group. This way the group will offer huge potential to those involved.

The aim of the group would generally be based around pick-up/fucking bitches. But of course, would included everything involved with such. E.g. Parties/Fun events, social proof, Meeting new social circles etc

I feel like the group would be able to offer a networking opportunity, meaning we’d eventually:

- Be able to have a wingman whenever needed.
- Mix with new social circles of other members.
- Throw events/parties.
- Attend events/parties/clubs/pubs with a group of other members; to increase our social proof.
- Basically have an increased ready-made social life.
- Form a sort of brotherhood.

Again, this group would have to be ‘cool’. So it would be fairly selective of which members can be apart, to ensure we’d have an awesome social status.

To be apart you’d have to have something to offer, be aware that Sydney would be our central location, be 18-24 years old, and recognise our 'cool' status notion lol.

These are just some of my rough thoughts, but if you’re interested of being apart or have any ideas let me know!

Let's see what we can do.