Dear members (whaha members..)

I'm 24, from Holland and have been in the game for a while. I'm in Luxembourg from wednesday 19th until saturday 23rd and I'm looking for a wingman or wingmen. I'm staying at the Hilton and I'm bringing my LTR, she is a HB9 who I really like so behave please. I hope to find men who aren't afraid to talk with girls (although a little aa is alright because it helps to keep you focused) I'm hoping to find guys who know a nice club to go out or want to go with or know fun activities to do in Luxemburg as I want to have my LTR to have a good time, she is down with sarging so you get a wingwoman as well. Great right? If ur down send me a pm and we will get in touch.

I have a car there so if you are not in Luxembourg but somewhere in the country, no worries hit me up!

-Click my name (desiderius)
-Send private message
-write: Hello I want to go sarging
-Click send