The title says it all. Hello, I'll be very straight forward in this post because I need to make it quick since I'm about to work out.

I'm Steve 20. Ive been in the game for about two years. I can teach you a plethora of things in the game. I go out very often. I mainly do day game, or just street/coffeeshop game at night during weekdays. I try to go out to parties/18+ clubs on weekends.

I'm looking for someone to go out and sarge with. I cant see my own blindspots. Help me with my sticking points. I'll do the same for you

The only requirements I have for you is this:

You have to be positive.
Self Amused.
Find the good in everything.
Some knowledge of pickup. I dont care if you arn't that experienced, but you gotta know the basics
Be clear with your intent. I.E., if you're indirect, you're going to be direct with me. That doesn't mean your opener will be like "You are attractive, I want to fark you", although it works wonders if you're in state. But you cant be a little pussy about owning yourself as a man. If you are, its fine, we'll work on it
be open to getting out of your comfort zone. I love getting out of my comfort zone. If youre into pickup, youre probably OK with this though.