Hi all, I'll get right down to it:

I live in Calgary Alberta, Canada and I need wingmen. Preferably those with higher skill than me and those with lower skill than me.

I really believe that learning is best achieved by having a mentor and protege.

Now, about me:

I've been aware of "game" since 2012. Mostly mental masturbating to forums, pdfs, never taking any consistent action. whenever I HAVE taken some action, my results are fairly good, but no numbers, and no lays.

I'm a timid person, much like a cartoon character who approaches the water, sticks a toe in, and runs away. lol. Eventually, I know I'll get in the water, I just need to take it slow as I'm prone to trauma from my past experiences.

Not trying to dump this all on you, just want to get it out in the open.

So recently I've started approaching women directly (by started I mean I did 1 lol). It went ok, but I got stuck on the "convince her" stage where she says she has a bf but doesn't leave and continues to show strong body language. In that instance, I totally see it as my own fault, not rejection.

Anyhow, I'm studying "Daygame Principles" and would only ask that, aside from being patient and respectful, any potential wingman must be on board with that program as that's the way I want to be. There is no "game" only "form".

Hope that makes sense, feel free to ask questions and if you're interested, we can meet up to talk about how this will work. I don't have a lot of time but can easily commit to about 3-4 hours every weekend.

And, just in case it wasn't clear, yes, I only want to do "daygame" which simply means, anywhere that is NOT a club/bar.