About me: 26, in Krakow since 2014, decent 9-5 job, can speak caveman Polish (took some classes), ramping up my game after a time consuming relationship.<br><br >I do my best to go out at least 4 times a week. I prefer Rynek (the market square) but Kazimierz can be good also. My tactic is to hit the bars from 9 to 11:30pm, get some numbers or an Instant Date and then move on to the clubs. I change venues very quickly until I find the right place. On the week-ends I'm in for the long haul, staying until morning so I'm looking for somebody who's high energy, persistent, doesn't give up easily. Most guys I go out with are too wasted by midnight to do any type of consistent pulling. They either settle for a 5 or 6 or they just go home dick in hand. So don't be that guy, pm me if you're in Krakow