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    Default New PUA in NYC looking for a wingman - need lots of help!

    Hey guys, I'm new to the whole PUA thing, and could use a wingman to the guide me through the process. I've read The Game, Mystery Method's book, and glanced through two books by Logan Edwards. I'm moving back to the NYC area from college (Ohio), where I didn't really have much, if any success (unfortunately).

    A luxury I didn't have in college was having a trusted wingman by my side. I never had great social skills growing up, since my parents always had a rocky relationship, which ended badly before I left for college. I clung to my mom a lot growing up, but this stunted the growth of my social skills quite a bit, especially towards women. I grew up greatly in college, but didn't quite develop the skills needed to attract quality women. It's especially frustrating that I've had to overcome certain stereotypes about me that are completely untrue (tall, skinny, "nerdy" jewish kid with glasses), and having to be surrounding by meathead, "alpha male" jocks who always ask why I don't get pussy, despite my best efforts, and them talking shit about me behind my back because of my AFC-ness. I'm glad out of Ohio and moving back to NYC...

    So I'm looking for an experienced wingman to show me the ropes. If you're interested, hit me up, I'd love to make new friends in the city anyways.


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    Default Re: New PUA in NYC looking for a wingman - need lots of help!

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