Everyone's standards are different....top quality women in Vancouver are in Yaletown. If you disagree you're wrong. I swing for the fences every time and do well. Yaletown women are either rich or look rich. On the weekend they are the most intimidating women to approach, this is not for the weak at heart lol. Although I have a few wingmen, I need 1 more that fits a special description and wants nothing but the hottest career women around.


I'm in my 30's, career driven,good shape and have my lift together. I've been doing game hard for the last 2 years but actually started 10 years ago. 2 LTR's is what caused the gap. For night game my pua skills are intermediate to advanced. Daygame is mastered. I look for 9's and 10's in Yaletown on the weekend. Gastown is also another good spot as well as the new Global restaurant. I never do clubs and avoid Granville st. I'm interested in women aged 27-35, but still magically hook up with 20 year old's no problem, honestly it's still a shock. : )


In your 30's. You're not a newbie, as long as you've got the basics's and used it in field then that's just fine. Know how to dress. You're willing to put yourself out there and approach the hottest women, no matter how it goes as long as you try. You are not a woman hater.

That's pretty much it. If you've got the balls and fit the description then send me a message.

Peace Out