That's RIGHT! If you understood, and more importantly, have lived the significance of the Subject line, you MAY just be the person I'm looking for.

Don't get me wrong guys, I'm in this community to refine my art of seducing hot women; obviously, so are you.

Currently I'm recruiting a few good men. You are either an experienced ladies' man, playa, PUA, whatever term you prefer. OR, I welcome men that have relatively little experience picking up women, but have served active duty on the front lines - Marine Corps, Army, etc.

I've been in the game for a few years now, and know from experience, that the key ingredient in learning to be a ladies' man, or to strive in any aspect of life, is intestinal fortitude. The will to face hell or high water and the absolute unwillingness to succumb to adversity.

Please hit me up a text if you are either an intermediate level PUA or above with at least 2 years in-field experience OR relatively new to the game, but have served on the front lines of combat with some branch of the military.

The above description is an absolute requirement with no exceptions.

Text me OORAH at 647 217 0258