Hey Playas!

Do you have strong comfort-building skills with women? Are you good at running Qualification? Do you get girls highly invested in you right off the initial interaction / pickup?

The answer is YES if you are able to consistently convert number closes into dates. Oh, and uh, we're talking about converting women that are 8s and 9s ONLY! NO BUSH PIGS!

If you have these skills, I have a GREAT opportunity for you. A couple of my boys are very strong wingmen. We all bring specialized skills to the table: there is one wing who makes out with girls at bars quite often - he pulls them too! Me personally, I'm great at F-closing on day2s AND instadates (instadate = working a day game set and taking her on a date right then and there)!

Please ONLY respond if you're serious about game, are willing to roll with us on a REGULAR basis, and would like to work with a dedicated and knowledgeable crew, hit me up a text at 647 217 0258 "CQG" (Comfort Qualification Game)