There have been posts in this forum in the past about people looking to find wingmen in Santa Barbara. I contacted a couple of these people but unfortunately they're either no longer in SB or not interested. I however would love to start my journey and improve exponentially. I am 25 years old, just graduated from college and have a job that gives me a lot of flexibility to go out. I consider myself a beginner but do have some experience with cold approaching and have even gotten a few numbers and dates. I'm very open minded and have a positive outlook on life. I've also dabbled a little into online game but not too much.

With this said I am looking to form a dedicated group of about 4, maybe 5, people living in the Santa Barbara and Goleta area to do pickup. By doing this we would hold each other accountable and improve at a much faster rate than if we were going out alone. My goal is to form a strong sense of community between us and grab life by the balls.

If anyone is interested then send me a pm and we'll go from there.