I'm looking to see if there's any puas in the Vancouver OR Las Vegas that are willing to host me for a week. Going to be in Van city from 5th to the 10th and Vegas from 11th to 16th.

- I've been gaming for around 4.5 years now (very knowledgable)
- I've gamed with top guys such as Willy Beck from Simple Pickup, Vadim and Austen from Honest Signalz, A handful of RSD assistants, and much more!
- I can be your own personal wingman and share everything I know with you.
- I've taught pickup back in the day (I'm 25)
- I'm not a picky guy whatsoever, the couch is fine.
- I run daygame and night game so if you're looking for someone to help you game more, I'm your guy.

PM if you're interested in upping your game and having one of the sickest week/weekend ever