Hey, guys, there's a new group that will be starting up in the SF Bay Area on June 13 that will help you up your skills with women and dating.

PM me to join.

Here's what we're all about:

The SF Bay Area Dating Society strives to promote the Community. Here, we will meet in-person, face-to-face where we will, as a team and as individuals, learn to improve our skills as Men.

If you're dedicated to self improvement, developing social skills, becoming a better man and a better person, this is the group for you.

This meetup is for guys (and gals) who like to hang out, improve themselves, and share war stories and advice. Its about developing friendships and, at the very least, finding good wings. Its about working together as a group so we can all become better not just at our relationships with women, but better at life.

This will be an exclusive, secret society. It will, at least initially, be restricted to 20 members. Too many, and it becomes unwieldy. As such, members will be required to attend a fair amount of meetups or they'll be kicked out of the group.

All men under the age of 35, regardless of skill level, are invited to join. Women are welcome as well.
The society is nonprofit. Any members who try to sell products or try to recruit for seminars or bootcamps will be banned.