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    Wingman Guest

    Default Bristol UK wingmen

    Hi I am mid 20s fairly experienced in pickup and am good in social situations, just want to meet some wings in Bristol, UK for day/night game, hit me up if you are about and can hang out at the weekend

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    Sweden Guest

    Default Re: Bristol UK wingmen

    Hey, likewise I've seen lots of potential in the Bristol scene, and had some good sarging success here, looking to meet wings in Bristol to make the most of it, get in touch if you're interested
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    Austin Guest

    Default Re: Bristol UK wingmen

    Hey man, I'm an American in my early 30's living right next to the Hippodrome in Bristol city centre and am looking for someone to go sarge all of these beautiful women with. You can contact me at skydancing@rocketmai and we'll figure out how to meet up. Later...

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    Bristol-J Guest

    Default Re: Bristol UK wingmen

    Hey Guys,

    I have read all the material, just looking to team up with someone so to get a kick up the ass and get really putting my skills to practice. Kinda of backwards with me, I've had to changes my beliefs last rather than being the first thing i address!

    I really am keen about this and want to start asap so to get going get in touch. I am happy to work in the Bath and Cardiff area too.

    Private message me!

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    Default Re: Bristol UK wingmen

    Hello Folkes,

    I'm new to PUA, Have been reading a lot of style's stuff and watching a lot of videos. I have the openers down to a T but have only really gotten that far at the moment. I am intent on mastering this as I've spent enough time alone now.

    So if there's someone that's also new that would like to progress with someone, that would be good. Equally, if there is someone experienced that would like a dedicated wing that they wouldn't mind helping along the way, that also would be awesome.

    What I'm looking for is a couple of wings in bristol to sarge for day and night game. I have weird shifts with work that allow for both, which is nice.

    I'm really excited to have found this community and look forward talking to you guys and maybe going out and seeing what we can do.

    Please do feel free to message me.

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