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    DarkMatter Guest

    Default London wing(s) wanted

    I consider myself a newbie. I still deal with massive, paralyzing aa.

    I'm mainly looking for someone in a similar situation to me that is also intent on fighting through that damn AA (though I wouldn't turn down an opportunity if you're more experienced...)

    While I'm shit at approaching, I do quite well of warm approaches thanks to having used online dating as a "crutch" for years to avoid dealing with my AA. Well, no more - I'm putting that on ice at least until I've dealt with my AA.

    If you're also still struggling with your approaches, lets meet and push eachother into sets. I'll be brutal if you are...

    I'm 35, frequently told I look younger and usually go to venues with a pretty young crowd. Pretty much average looks. Live in South London (Croydon) and would be great with someone local, but at the moment I mostly go out in Soho/West End or other areas in central London.

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    JoeyB Guest

    Default Re: London wing(s) wanted

    Hi Darkmatter,

    I'm in a similar situation to you were when you posted this. Are you still looking for wingmen?

    Joey B

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