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    Veritas19 Guest

    Default NYC -- Different Sort of Invite

    So, i've been on and off doing this stuff for a while. I'm not Neil Strauss, but I'm quite good, somewhere between a natural and a pua. I don't believe in a lot of the technical stuff, although I definitely support some of the key components -- have a fall-back story, how the conversation starts doesn't matter, they're as uncomfortable as you are. It's stuff that if you take 2 seconds to think about, is pretty much common sense, but few people do.

    One thing I've realized that falls into this category is that that there's nothing more critical to picking up girls than having a group of guys you genuinely enjoy -- guys that if you ended up spending the night just hanging with, you'd be content. Not only are girls attracted to groups that seem to have something good going on and are you less desperate and therefor aggressive, it makes your life just generally better to have a good group of guys to fall back on.

    I have *some* good friends in NY. Unfortunately, most of my best friends (from school, from home etc) happen to be in other cities. I find myself often with a group of girls (I'll have a female friend who I've asked to bring some of hers), and then have to scramble to find guys to even out the numbers (guys I can vouch for).

    I'm looking, i guess, to find some guys to 'sarge' with, although more, just some good folks to hang with. I'm a deec guy i'd say -- like to have fun, pretty chill. I play rugby, have a job i really like (i work in corp strategy at a big media company), graduated undergrad in 08 (was at harvard... thus the handle). I've had some trouble finding folks who have both time and income to go out a fair bit, so that would definitely be a plus, but no pre-reqs... just looking for good guys, who can enjoy spending time with.

    If you're interested, shoot me a note with a little about yourself, and if it makes sense, we'll set up some time to grab a beer or something.


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    Alkaline Romance Guest

    Default Re: NYC -- Different Sort of Invite

    well man sounds like a good time unfortunately i live in south jersey now but i try to get back home to north jersey as often as possible

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