Ill be honest with you... im a pretty normal guy! Not sure if its good to hook up with men off the internet to go prowl the streets haha!

Nevertheless i was watching some style material and he was saying how you need to either do this journey alone or with proper people that understand pua. And hes kinda right... my best buddy keeps just putting me down saying ive got no game, shocker a man just out of a LTR with no game!

So basically if there is anyone in london here, complete rAFC or PUA id be well up for sorting my game out with other like minded men! I wanna be able to just open 6 sets without thinking about it before i go back to uni in manchester. If it goes well u r welcome to come up to manchester for a night out and we'll go pick up some students

Im 21, a 7 on the man looks scale, i have no issues with holding a conversation but i have massive Approach Anxiety still from some really bad teen experiences All my friends think im funny, the girls love me but my existing girl friends before i started this journey see me as just a friend.

The plan: go to a bar have a drink or 2, workout the plan for the evening and go over some theory. Then go to a club, your choice or ill choose rave clubs. I might need a place to stay as i live in essex but if not ive got friends in london. After the night we'll post some field reports on here and maybe post what we thought about each other too.

What im looking for in a wingman: i dont really care! as long as youre not a warcraft nerd thats never been in a club before, and someone that can hold a conversation would be a bonus.

Im free this weekend, im going reading festival next weekend, then i think im free for the first 2 weekends in september. Im also free on weekday nights coz im a student on a summer holiday