Hey I'm a college dude, kinda new to PUA, I've read a lot of theory from Mystery, Style, DeAngelo and others and I'm looking to put into action. I did some day-game a while back at Union Sq, and had a really good time. I've been experimenting with new routines, angles, and hooks at my college, and have had great results getting digits, and I'm looking to apply those tactics to a wider area.

I find that daygame allows far more freedom in developing PUA as an art, and even getting shot-down is entertaining to me, which is what counts.

So I'm looking for fellow newbies and maybe some experienced gurus to come try out some new routines with me. Some locations are Penn Station, NYU, and Union Sq.

So if your interested hit me up. Email me at
georgebelayut AT yahoo dot com.

I'm 22, my best times are afternoons Fri, Sat, Sun, 3-7pm, but I can do nightgame if anything comes up.