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    thedazman Guest

    Default Sarging this weekend in London! who's in?

    Hey guys, me and my wing are putting the call out for guys to come sarging with us. We have found some sweet spots in east london with no shortage of targets.

    A few months ago we were regular AFC but in a very short epriod of time we have managed to develop our skills to a point where we can hook more than the sets we open.

    We're basically looking to form alliances with other training PUAs and hopefully we can get a regular posse of guys to come out with us.

    message back on this thread or text me on 07 783 938 532 and we'll make this shit happen!

    peace out!

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    James Fresh Guest

    Default Re: Sarging this weekend in London! who's in?

    Im from london got two wingmen, we do a bit of night game generally in shoreditch or brick lane area. Still working on my game, two of us are 18 my other wingmen is 17 so its hard to get into some clubs with him. We've been sarging for about 2 years now, mainly through house parties, raves and similiar events. We do day game alot now mainly in oxford street , were still learning the ropes, but were up for sarging now and again.


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