Hi. What I知 looking for is one or more men and/or women to help me in my self growth and improvement around becoming more knowledgeable, skilled, and successful in my dating life with women (I知 hetero). Who I知 looking for is either men who consider themselves considerably better than average in their success with women romantically, and/or women that are willing to give me their perspective, advice, etc. I壇 also be interested in working together and supporting each other with men who might not be very good with women now, but are actively on the same path/journey as I am.

I知 defining dating life pretty broadly to include approaching and starting conversations, flirting, getting phone numbers and e-mail addresses, getting 電ates, making 電ates fun for both of us, taking things to a physical/sexual level with women, and just in general creating romantic attraction towards me from women I知 attracted to. My general goal is to get to the point where I can proactively and with reasonable consistency meet new women and get them attracted to me so that there will be multiple women that I am nonexclusively dating who would like to spend time with me, have fun, treat me well, and get physical with me.

I知 pretty flexible on how the help could look. It could be one conversation for me to hear your thoughts, or going out with me to help me practice meeting women, or more of an ongoing thing if we both found it beneficial, etc..

I know your time is valuable, and it'd be great if you did it out of the kindness of your heart just to help me out, but I try to seldom just "take" from other people and rather mostly I enjoy giving people something back for their help. For you in exchange I'd offer my own advice/thoughts on anything you want to ask me, or would be happy to buy you either a coffee and/or beer or two, or maybe even a meal, depending on the situation and help given.

To be honest and vulnerable, I have made amazing improvements in the last six months on getting over my fears and increasign my knowledge and skill. I am now able to pretty consistently approach, start a conversation, and get a phone number or e-mail from women I find attractive. I致e also gotten a lot better at flirting, which was more of a foreign concept to me in the past. The past few weeks has been the first time in my life when I've ever been consistently proactively meeting and getting a lot of new women's contact info. Unfortunately however, I have been disappointed by how very few respond at all, and even less respond with romantic interest in me. So specifically I'm interested in and would value thoughts and advice around that challenge I'm currently facing.

Kyle, a man on a journey; partially anonymous for this posting but I知 happy to give my full name, etc. to serious replies.

PS: fyi background for those it means anything to, I follow the David Deangelo train of thought the most, but also have read and gathered ideas from various other dating gurus/teachers. I知 located in the mid pioneer valley, Massachusetts area.