I live within driving distance from all these areas and am looking for a wingman. And if you live around here, you know right now is the prime season for these spots. I was in Sea Isle last weekend and the girl/guy ratio as well as hot/average was very impressive.

Long story short: I’m 27, just got out of a 3-year relationship. Always went clubbing in groups before the gf came along and didn’t do much partying during the relationship. Now that I’m out, most of my friends are either in relationships or given up the club life. I’ve been trying the solo route but I’m just not used to going to these places by myself. But the few times I’ve managed to drag a friend out, I’ve noticed it makes things much easier when you have someone, anyone, with you, even if they're just drinking and not helping out.

I’m a decent looking guy but basically an amateur just trying to get out and practice.
Just trying to find some chill dudes who are in the same boat as I am: Bored of sarging solo and tired of having to come up with stories about why you’re there by yourself. Basically Club buddies that can point to each other when the “so who’re you here with?” question comes along. I’m not looking for a major Wingman or any kind of teamwork and I hope you guys don’t expect much of that out of me in the beginning. I AM of course willing to take one for the team and distract the less attractive friend if you have a chance with an HB.

If anyone is interested, you can reply here or PM me and we’ll take it from there.