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    Cool Manchester UK - wingman

    Hi im new around the boards so im a beginner with getting girls numbers etc however i know alot about female psychology so in my own way im pretty good with women when on dates or when im alone with them.

    The only prob i got is i have a tough time going up to women initially but with wingmen it seems less daunting and its a better start point. SO before wasting my life away i wanna experience the fear of doing this sh*t, and get out there improving myself.

    Sometimes i get IOIs and do nothing about it and seriously wanna change this.

    ALSO im just looking to start with beginners stuff then slowly build my way up with my wingman, we can be competitive n shiz and have good time. I want to try my game in all social setting not just clubs..

    Any experience level welcome aslong as your patient and like doing stuff in steps..

    PM/reply and we can arrange something.
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    i know someone that says the same thing, hes useless, not saying you are old boy just saying
    its annoying, if your new, your new nothing else. if your sh1t with women its not one small aspect your missing and the rest your fine, your not really looking at the game from an objective way if all you fear is open ing or closing or attracting or seducing. but saying that
    im new to
    but i admit i know fark all and want to learn it all from scratch, before the game yeah i had girlfriends i got laid, i talked to girls but a big misconception is this idea that jsut becasue you talked to girls fine before the game didn tmean you'd get anywhere with them or anyhting liek that
    if it was so simple that you were misssing out one tiny bit, im pretty sure as a humanbeing you'd have worked it out! lo l
    dont be ashamed of ignornace or lack of knowledge im not! i take any learning o pturtunity i even taught some friends abotu the game(mentioend before) lol

    thing is i live in carlisle, BUT id still love to chat, have someone to talk to you know!
    if you came here(for whatever reason) you could stay with me we could srage here, and vise vursa! and PM each other int he mean time, the idea of teh PUA community is that we form connectionsa round the world
    let me know.

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