Hello Fishermen, ‘fishing’ is my own terms when come to picking up girls. It has to be tactical and I need to play the right cards when come to different scenario especially come to ‘’daygame’’ and ‘’nightgame’’ and ‘’nightclub picking games’’. Normally, I will go to a more normal conversation when I play the daygame (opening, transition, comfort, dhv, attraction, seduction, phone game etc). The night game will be a lot more aggressive and creative or spontaneous, it means I might will try to close the game before I start to talk to her, depends on the situation. I been in this field for 4 years in London and I am active fishermen. Normally, I out to fish by myself but it will be more interesting if I can find a suitable wingman or partner when I game.

PM me if you interested and we can come out in London for some fishing trip . Age between 24-35 please.