Hey there! I currently live on Long Island in Nassau County, and I just moved back from Boston, and also got out of a 3-year relationship, and am looking to start a new life filled with cool, communicative, honest, fun, funny people who want to grow together (day-game, night-game, finding fun activities to bro-out as well have cool things to bring dates to, life in general) I know this is a lot to ask, but hey, I'm sure many of you on the forum are idealists like me. Who knows, it might take 3 months of living at home before I find the right group of 4-5 people, but this is about building an awesome life!

Here are some details about me you can use to decide if we're a good fit:
-Don't enjoy watching sports or getting wasted.
-Extremely talented musician (guitar, bass, decent singer, I have this fantasy where we bring girls back and give them a performance of their favorite songs / originals as we harmonize our voices and impress the hell out of them)
-Enjoys video-games (Super Smash with friends, PC games)
-Find it important to discuss life philosophy, morals, free will, discovering our purpose etc.
-Likes to have a sink with no dishes in it..man..an empty sink gets me aroused
-Likes to have jobs that have purpose (non-profits etc.)
-Fairly attractive with stylish clothes and getting back to the gym finally
-My experience with sarging is obviously from 3 years ago, but I was at a point where I successfully got a date from a quick approach to someone on the subway train, I learn quickly, and I don't back out from anything. My social circle game was probably doing the best as I was getting dates from school / friend's parties constantly (thus the 3-yr LTR)
-My personal goal is to master day-game definitely, night-game, hopefully transfer that into social circle , might as well, and meet really COOL attractive girls and have open relationships with them.

Apartment Info:
-I could use a little help when it comes to the ideal location. I heard / figured Brooklyn / Astoria would be cool since we could have on-street parking for our cars outside the city, and just take the subway into the city whenever we need, and live in an area with lots of creative people around our age (still not sure exactly which parts). I'm also open to the idea of living in the city and forgetting about the car, since technically you have everything you need in the city, and then you can just take the bigger train lines when you need to travel to visit home etc.
-Not sure what prices are expected, would hopefully like to pay no more than $650-700/mo? Obviously different room sizes / other factors can determine different rents.
-Bi-weekly meetings? and/or an environment where guys have no problem going up to one another to let them know if there's something they're doing that's bothering them. (this is to avoid passive aggression, if you know that little simple and calm confrontations are a big challenge for you, then that's not good hehe especially for sarging)

I can't think of anything else, it was hard to find an apartment in Boston without having roommates first to sign the lease, so I imagine I have to do the same and gather the group first, and then the annoying apartment search will begin.

Post here or PM me with your situation, this is going to happen and it's going to be amazing.