I'm the organizer for a LA lair/meetup group. We've been having meetings at Hollywood and Highland. It's free. Please allow plenty of time to park and find us, because it's a large shopping center and the spot is hard to find. I want to have a group where we can meet other cool guys in a casual, low-pressure setting and build camaraderie. Optional: Afterward, there are bars, clubs, restaurants, and street performers nearby. It's a great place to meet women, for those who are interested. Dress well if you plan on going out afterward. Please allow plenty of time to park, walk to the meeting location, and order food. We will start on time. Meeting start: 9 pm Come early if you want to order food Park at Hollywood/Highland complex ($10 for all day) Take the elevator up to the 3rd floor Turn right at the escalators Turn right at the balcony Turn right at the shoe store Turn right at Quizno's meet at the tables near Fresh Fire Kabob OR If you are coming from Hollywood Blvd., there is an entrance to the shopping center in front of the Kodak theater. Turn right into the entrance and turn right again immediately. You can walk up the stairs to the third floor and we are at the tables at the top of the stairs. I will be wearing a black trilby hat. Call my cell if you can't find us: three one 0, eight nine 2, five, three, seven, 8 -John