Rules of a Good wingman

>>>-------> During a mission if the pilot must break formation to acquire more fuel or drain used coolant the wingman must speak good of the pilot, but cannot confirm or deny the parameters of mission. submitted by Kitt from Marion, OH

1. Introduce Your Friends
Seems so simple right? Yet, you wouldn't believe how many men stand there talking to a woman with their back to their friend. And never turn and invite him into the conversation.

This not only communicates to the woman that you don't value your friends… it also leaves your friend standing there looking like an idiot.

Not only should you invite him into the conversation, but you should give me a positive introduction when you introduce him.

You could say, "Hey, this is my friend Eric, he actually runs this really cool website giving men fashion and lifestyle advice."

2. Never Talk Bad About Them
Another one that sounds simple, right? But some men have this competitive nature to them that instinctively causes them to try discrediting their buddies.

Sometimes we don't do it on purpose. As guys we have a habit of "ripping" on our friends as a pastime. While these "jokes" are alright in moderation in front of a woman... it is very easy to go overboard and say something that embarrasses him.

Talking bad about your friend not only makes your friend look bad... it makes you look bad. Your friends are a reflection of you. So making them appear bad... only makes you look worse.

3. Always Take Your Friend's Side
Guys have the mistaken belief that if they "kiss a woman's ass" enough she will become attracted to him. It doesn't work this way.

So when a woman starts arguing with or insulting one of your friends... always stand up for your friend. Remember the saying "bros before ho's."

Not only will this keep you closer with your friend it will demonstrate to the woman that you are not afraid to contradict her... and are not willing to tolerate her rude behavior. This is surprisingly a HUGE turn on for a woman.

>>>-------> REMEMBER, there is nothing truer in life. You cant ever do something as well as you can with a partner or friend.

Rule #1: Ad-lib if need be
Upon being sworn in to accept your position, you’re almost always given explicit instructions. Your friend clearly has an idea in his head of what this woman may find appealing, and it’s your job to deliver his message to the best of your ability. Now, you may not agree with his analysis. You may examine the scenario and come to different conclusions; you may say to yourself, “That woman won’t care if he’s a pilot…” If this is the case, you can tap into your own abilities and “wing it” like a truly accomplished pilot, thereby giving your partner an unexpected, yet very necessary, boost. You don’t want to completely ignore his instructions, of course, but you may find during the course of the conversation that his far-off examination missed the mark, and it’s up to you to pick up the slack. For example, if he thinks she would be turned on by the fact that he makes a lot of money, and she’s clearly not the type that prioritizes income, it’s time to ad-lib.

Even though you may be working apart, you’re still a team, and you must work together seamlessly. This is one of those non-negotiable rules of a wingman.

>>>-------> No matter how ugly or fat, the wingman motto is "You take the best, I'll take the rest.

If your pilot has successfully engaged a target, but is for whatever reason unable to keep the dogfight going, the wingman will make an ass of himself. This gives the timid pilot and the acquired target something to talk about (ex. What is your friend doing?), allowing for the conversation to continue. This is a corollary to "jumping on a grenade."

When your wingman first enters the group be excited that he is there.Introduce him to the group as if he’s the coolest guy you know and they’re very lucky for meeting him.This shows to the group that you hang out with very cool people.Talk to your wing as much if not more then you’re target at first.Let him know what’s going on.For example: Your wingman enters, you introduce him being very excited that he’s there, then say “We were just talking about blah blah blah.” The wing then can add to the conversation and pick it up with the others in the group you can then continue talking to your target.