So I was at a club called colosseum in R.I. It was techno/house hell. i felt like i was in an episode of the the Jersey shore, it felt fake, to sum it up not my type of scene.

I was out with my younger bro, cousin and a couple friends.
we scoped the place out then end up getting a couple drinks. we stood there for awhile. Then I see these 2 girls talking to each other avoid my bro and cousin (the girl magnet) they the first one came up to me a dark ebony girl and her white friend they were pretty good looking. they asked my told them they thought i was lying. they were rubbing up on me, I was kind of overwhelmed. then a million thoughts came racing through my my head.

So are these girls really interested, are they running game on me, are they prostitutes/strippers. why did they approach me instead of my cousin he's the pretty boy? wtf

I was dressed fresh, but far from a pretty boy, but i kinda of look not threatening with out my beard like a little kid.

I felt there approach was very strong and sexual, not used to this. nd advice or insight.