So this is like a Field report it's my first and please give me some advices where i did wrong.
I'm 18 years old virgin, i am pretty fat, and i dont think i am that good loooking but it looks like i got her attention from the first time she saw me(That means in Night 1 when we met)
The Night 1 started with me and 3 other friends playing pool and we met our usual female friends in the same place the female friend were(Hb7 ,Hb8 and her sister HBS7)
we started drinking and i started dancing with the girls i wanted to have fun so i did what the fark i wanted the hb7 was with my best friend in a relationship and the hb8 was in love with one of my friend.So i didnt really wanted to go for her sister (the HBS7)we sit next to each other and chat a bit my other friend who was single moved near her and tried to game her,
but i saw she got borred with him i start negging and joking with everyone around and one friend of mine who was the bartender in that bar said "Who Doesn't Dance now is a Homo" The Hb7 dances with my best friend the Hb8 with her lover the HBS7 was left with me and the other friend of mine who was trying to get her,He invites her at dance she refused and game me a strange eye i asked her for dance 2 seconds later and she said yes (the guy who refused is pretty good looking and he is fit) I kinda knew it was on.Thats kinda all that happens this night besides my best friend asked the HBS7 if she likes me and she says she likes me alot.(I wasn't really special dressed or anything i just wanted to have fun and dance so i think i had alot of Confidence).

The Night 2 started again with me and 2 friend playing pool and met the (HB7,HB8 and the HBS7) again so this time i knew the HBS7 liked me , we chat nothing special my other friend tries again to flirt with her but fails , i sat next to hb7 and hb8 we were poking and joking laughing around (i think those 2 girls were a verry good wingman)so we started talking about getting drunk and she send her sister to get only 2 beers 1 for me and 1 for her we chat a bit joke ...i go to the bathroom and when i come back i find her next to me and it felt like it was natural we kinda acted like lovers playing with our hands and i start touch her breasts gently so nobodoy at the table can see and she says "you are a verry honest person aren't you?" i was like" Yeah ofcourse... you dont like it?" she smiled and few minutes later i tried to kiss her she pulled back and i was surprise (it's my first kiss atempt and fail) i asked her "why are you pulling back are you busy?" she says "ATM yes but i wont be busy later"
We move from the bar to the girls place and we listen to music her sister and the HB7 start dirty dancing and they invite me and my target HBS7 said "i can go if i want she wont be mad" so i figured out it was a sh1t test and i said i prefer staying here with you pulled her on top of me and "KISSS CLOSEEEEEEEEEE YEAH" and it felt great i think i am a Good kisser cause she liked it,so a bit make out a bit of dance.
We leave the hb7 and my best friend alone in the room so they can fark.After we go back into the room my bestfriend tells everybody to get out so me and the HBS7 to be left alone but she didnt really wanted told to her sister ,so we are left alone and i said " Girl if you dont want to do it we dont have to do it" i get close to her and put her on top of me and we started making out and she still didnt want to fark i got her naked and i get on top of her kissed neck,breasts ,and and she said "i cant forget my ex" i said " i will help you forget him and get over him" we make out a bit and thats all we slept all 6 in one bed 3 girls 3 girls, in the morrning she looks a bit distant and shows me a picture of her best friend and asked me " if she is cute and if i wanted to met her" i said " yeah she is cute but you are too" i started beeing cocky funny untill we left 7 8 hours later i get a message "Hey how are you ,you already forgot about me?" i didnt respond that day next day i call her and i said we should met she said sure.

The Night 3 started same playing pool the Group of girls came and i gave to her it was a "hi" she sat next to me kino'ing me i didnt make a move on her because i didnt really wanted to get public with her so she was kinda moving alot and dancing so she can get my attention after few hours i put my arm around her and she said " Finally!" i said " you have expected me to do this all night right?" she said "Yeahh" we make out a bit and she becomes kinda distant and idk why i think she felt kinda sick and i ask whats wrong she says nothing we all decided to go back to their place and before leaving and i hold i contact to her and asked " why are you moving away from me?" and she says " i am not i am just a bit sick" She Comes to me put her hands on my head and we start to make out a bit i got a little insecured..
So we end up at the girl's place again all night we just drink and play games i tried to move closer to her and kiss but she moved away so we stay in bed me playing with her hands and a friend of mine was resting hes head on her, we kissed only 1 time and that was a punish by a friend of mine.I saw she was getting along with my friend so i move away and didnt speak to her at all that cause i kinda got pissed. Before leaving her sister asks my if i kissed the HBS7 goodbye i said no cause she was talking with my other friend and i leave without saying goodbye.
A friend later told she wanted to call my after i left because she thought i was staying at their place for the night.

Actually She texted me just now when i finished writing the report
She said "How are you.......!Hbs7" (i dont know what she wanted to tell with the ".......")
i dont have text message to respond so i wont respond to her message untill you guys dont give me some advices
To Be Cotinued

Guys i need Advices what i did wrong?
-Should i call her?
-Should i freeze her out? and when we see act like weve never been togheter?

I think she wants a serious relationship but after The Night 3 , i dont know what to believe.BTW i am 1.87 cm tall and she is like 1.65 cm could that be a problem?
What should i do next when i see her?

Waiting for responses ( My First Report please answer)