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    Default Can you complete this cashier opener?

    Hello folks,
    I saw this beautiful woman who works at the grocery store near my place, She's 7.5-8 , I happened to buy my groceries from that store and I noticed her recently and I noticed that she is friendly, smiling, couldn't figure out if she was showing IOI (since I didn't do anything other than mild eye contact).
    When I am in the checking line she offers stuff they have on sale (candies, gum ect.).

    I was wondering about how is it possible to approach her and thought about this so far:

    Her: How are you today?
    Me: I am fine, yourself?
    Her: Good, thank you!
    Her: Would you like to buy (something they have it on sale) for such amount?
    Me: I'd like to, but my mom warned me from taking candies from strangers . (of course if she offers me candy bar, gum, ect.)

    I need the rest! I could use your help guys!

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    Default Re: Can you complete this cashier opener?

    well if that "conversation" is very friendly and it's like you want more friends and not other outcomes....

    Here's what I'd say.. as a sample.. I'm sure everyone would do it differently.

    Her: How are you today?
    Me: I'm fabulous, just buying some stuff to bring back to make tonight.
    Her: Whatcha got there?
    Me: I'm planning on grilling some salmon over steam rice with a mixed vegetable.
    Her: Quite the cook there
    Me: I actually need some people's opinions on my cooking, before I cook for my picky eatting father coming back into town. Want to try somehting within this week?
    Her: That's cute, I don't know if I'm free...
    Me: Well, drop me your number and I'll plan a big feast and you'll be on the guestlist!
    Her: okay...
    Me: walk away*

    this is building Higher Value since you are showing her you can cook and trying to be even better, shows her you want her opinion but at the same time you said.. "guestlist" .. so it doesnt seem it's JUST her.. this is less threatening to get her number, you ignored what she did for a living selling you stuff and she'd be glad you took her away from reality for a bit.

    Anyone else got input?

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