Hi guys, I need some help with a confusing situation
I've been seeing a girl for three months, everything was going great at first..
She went on holiday around 4 weeks ago to America, and for the first 2 weeks I received atleast 3 calls a day from her ( all around 20 mins, eventhough this costs loads) I also received 3-5 update texts per day!
On the end of the second week she called me up while drunk, saying that she'd been thinking that she wanted to be with me for a few weeks.. I told her that we should discus when she was back in the uk..
After this the calls stopped for 5 days, so the next week I called her with the usual chit chat, and i asked her if everything was cool because we hadn't spoken..
She then told me not to over think things and that we'd see what happens when she got back..
After this we didn't speak for another 5 days, I then missed a phone call from her so I called back the next day... No answer
It's now been 2 days with no more contact
What do you guys think? I mean she's gone from hot to cold!!